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Things to Consider When Developing an App

App development in Bangkok

If you’re planning to develop an app for your business and are located in Asia, then you might want to consider hiring dedicated app developers in Bangkok from one of the leading app development companies.

Regardless of if you would like to do things on your own or via a developer, there are things you must consider when building an app for your business. Here are a few useful points and key factors to consider for app development.


App development in Bangkok


1: Choose Mobile Platform

When you’re planning to build a mobile app, then a mobile platform plays a vital role. Before choosing a platform, determine the location where you would like to launch your app or target audience. When focusing on a specific country, for instance, the USA, then it is a good idea to focus primarily on the Android or iOS platforms as they are preferred in that country.


2: Decide Whether Native or Hybrid

Native apps are smart-phone apps that are being built especially for the mobile OS. They are primarily designed on the guidelines of the particular OS. On the other hand, hybrid apps are now becoming more well-known these days, they are web bases apps built using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and wrapped into a native app. Both have their own advantages and limitations. You just need to pick the one meeting your desired requirements. It is also worth considering the cost of internet usage and availability in your target market.


3: Target Audience

Keep in mind that all the work you’re doing is to cater to people to generate profitable business from them. By considering factors such as locality, age group, interests, etc. for whom you’re developing your app, you can create something that your audience should love. For instance, you’re building an app that fulfills the concerns associated with child education; you must determine what your app should look and act like, to be easy to use and appealing to children. If your app is related to selling and buying, then it should look professional and meet all the standards of selling and buying.


4: Backend

Fortunately, many apps are now able to be API driven, making development more affordable and faster – which is good for you and the developers. Not all apps you build need customized backend programming and apps can utilize API systems to provide benefits from other services.

You can contact our Thailand based programmers for a free consultation to determine what’s the best fit for you.


5: User Interface & Design

The UI or UX design is imperative for your app to be successful. It is the most important factor to comprehend the difference between user experience and user interface. A good app always considers both of these things. The main reason why people don’t come back to apps is that they aren’t user-friendly and appealing.


6: Competitors Analysis

It’s smart to check out what your competitors are doing. Try using similar applications that you would like to develop for your business. It’s always great to offer an extra feature or an improved version of a feature to consumers, instead of what’s already available on the market. Once understanding what your competitors are providing, you will be able to plan how you can offer better services. The extra mile you go could make all the difference.


7: Development Method

There are development models and methods that you need to follow. It’s often recommend that the agile development method is used. This method generally incorporates a number of iterations before reaching the end product. On the other side, if your needs are very clear, then you could consider a waterfall development method.

The important thing is to meet the guidelines of the particular platform you pick. Following the same approach for several platforms, things will often not work as needed.


8: Be Consistent

You can’t define everything in one go. Yet, every concept demands consistency. Moreover, trends keep on evolving and demand enhancements as you progress. Thus, you must monitor the status of your app in terms of functionality and enhancing the overall performance of your app.


Following are basic characteristics of a mobile app, even the top app developers in Bangkok consider them necessary for a successful app:


Mobile App Essential Characteristics

  • High performance

Response time is important to keep the user’s attention. For instance, you would like to search for the top restaurants in your area. You will begin opening several different pages or perform a search. You will feel annoyed if the pages load very slowly or search takes forever, which makes you go to another source – even if the previous one is ranking high. So, response time plays a vital role for your users and helps to keep them using your app.

  • Security

Google/iOS store rejects some apps if the apps have a weak security system. Some apps also ask for a lot of personal info. Security problems can be the reason for an app to lose its credibility. Before building an app, keep an eye on how much your app is concerned about security and privacy constraints. Consider only collecting information you require and protect it with advanced security. The smart thing to do is to take assistance and advice from our top Thailand based programmers – if you’re serious about your app development project turning into a success.

  • Regular Updates

Apps require continuous updates as per the set standards. In short, regular updates related to the app make the app worth using. These can be maintenance updates or feature updates based on user feedback.

  • Personalization options

Similar to Facebook giving one personal space to each user, you can consider that in your app as well. Let your users customize their profile sections or other aspects of the app. Personal and customizable applications are often quite popular, as people can add their own touch/feel to it.


The Final Verdict

That was a quick guide to help you make a successful mobile app for your business. If you have enough time to do things by yourself, then make sure to consider the above things before starting an app development. However, it might be worth you getting a quote or consulting with a specialist to ensure the end result is what you want and your customers desire. Consider hiring one of our top app developers in Bangkok, especially if the app you’re planning to build is crucial for your business’s success.

Of course, it might be a bit more costly in the short term, but you will get decent value for your investment, peace of mind, and effective security in exchange!