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Top Tips for Modern Web Design

Modern web design in Thailand

Web design is accountable for nearly 95 percent of a visitor’s first impression of your online presence. That’s the reason why incorporating modern web design into your online marketing tactics has become more crucial than ever before.

If you’re one of those who would like to do things on your own or just want to know more, then continue reading to explore handy tips:


Modern web design in Thailand


1: Be Minimalistic

Choose your content wisely, don’t overwhelm pages with videos and images, consider a full-screen design, and take advantage of hamburger menus. They are an incredible solution if your menu is quite large and it’s impossible to reduce.

Minimalism isn’t only convenient for users, but it is among current design trends, thus your website will look stylish and modern. Below are some of the benefits of minimalistic websites:

  • Minimalistic sites load much quicker than complex sites overloaded with videos, images, and animations.
  • They look more credible, clean,and professional.
  • Minimalistic sites are easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use – that’s imperative for users.
  • They enable users to focus on your content or for you to easily highlight important content.

Considering a minimalistic design has no downsides. Thus, be minimalistic, evenly distribute your content and everything will go great!!


2: Leverage Video

Marketers using videos can grow their revenue up to 4 percent faster than those not using video content at all. That’s quite obvious, as video content is among the most well-known and easily consumed types of content.

Leverage a video for your website’s background header. This is quite popular these days and found in many modern websites out there. Thus, if you want to follow the modern web design trends, use this trick trick to include a short video as your landing banner and thrive like a pro.

You can even consider a full-screen video, but ensure that it doesn’t distract users from the primary content or slow down the website. Otherwise, even the most engaging video can spoil your user’s impression of your website and thus, affect your online presence.

If you’re having trouble using a video for your site’s background header, then no worries!! Just contact the us, a notable web site design company in Bangkok, and we’ll get the job done.


Modern web design in Bangkok


3: Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons feature a colored border with no color fill. These transparent buttons are quite popular these days. They can be a very good option if your website is going to leverage a minimalistic design.

But, you must be cautious with these buttons because sometimes they are quite hard to notice. You know what will happen to those users when they are not able to find the desired button. They simply leave!! Thus, below are some tips on using ghost buttons:

  • The buttons must be easy to locate, thus place them where visitors expect them to be or place simply right next to objects/backgrounds that are noticeable. Such as placing them near your call-to-action.
  • Make sure to test ghost buttons to ensure they work and look nice both on the mobile devices and desktops.
  • Select the background wisely- make sure it is not going to match the button boarders too closely.


4: Pay Attention to the Typography

No one is going to explore your site’s content if it is challenging to read. Below are some tips on how to deal with typography to create a truly stylish and appealing design:

  • Select a font reflecting the idea of your site. For example, it will be irrational to consider a funny font for a very serious site dedicated to medical research.
  • Select a unique font that will help users to easily find you among others.
  • Use adequate line spacing. In other words, don’t leave too much space between the lines and also, don’t place them very closely together.
  • The text must be readable without any hassle, so select the right size of the font. And use different sizes for headlines and text.
  • Don’t use so many different colors. You would be better off focusing on just two or three. Otherwise, your site will become an irritating rainbow of texts.


5: Consider Card-Designs

Another popular modern web design trend is a card design. Each card includes an icon or a picture, and a tiny text (a product title, basic info about it, etc). Below are some perks of using card design:

  • Cards look nice on any platform, be it a smartphone or desktop.
  • They don’t include lots of info, so they will be easy to read.
  • They are easy to navigate and that’s imperative if you don’t like to lose users.
  • Cards are universal as they can be used for any type of content.

In short, they are a smart choice if design rightly. High-quality images, proper spacing, and apt text – are the three primary elements to pay focus when working on the cards.


The Modern Web Design Final Verdict

Creating a modern website is not an option these days; instead, it has become a necessity if you want to make a difference. Taking this point into consideration, you might be better off hiring a professional web design company in Thailand for your website setup. Working with experts ensures that the job is done right. Indeed, being an entrepreneur or businessman, you should focus on the other areas of your business. So, consider our local design company to help you enhance your online presence through leveraging modern design trends.