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We are a web design company in Thailand. Our services include almost anything that needs to be created for online use. Our experienced Thailand web design team can help you to create not only beautiful websites and apps but also ones that are instinctive to use and help to convert visitors into customers.


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It is important for any web design company to both deliver the wants of the client and provide solutions that actually work.

What can appear to be a great looking website or app, can, in fact, confuse or baffle online users.

Our web site design company in Thailand employs only the most experienced web professionals who are constantly creating masterpieces of usability and intuitive.

If a website or app doesn’t function as expected, you will lose customers or frustrate existing customers.

Make sure to choose the best web site design company in Bangkok by letting us create a solid proposal for your project.


What is Meant by Web Design?

In simple terms, web design is the process of creating a website.

However, good web design includes numerous processes and requires specialist skills. These are needed to develop a website that looks good and converts visitors into customers, members, or repeat-visitors.

Segments of this process can include content creation (text or images), webpage layout, UI testing, and graphic design.

The idea is to develop an appealing and easy to use website.


What Does a Web Designer Do?

A web designer creates functional and attractive websites.

Some web designers will focus on a specific area, but most have the overall skill required to create fully functional and visually appealing websites.

Our staff not only understand how to make things look professional but also about usability testing and user interface testing.

This means that the websites we develop look amazing and are so easy to use so that even novices will be able to sign up or buy your product/service.


What is the Process of Web Design?

Each company (and designer) will have their own set web development process. Through years of experience, the workflow is perfected to ensure both efficiency and accuracy.

By developing a workflow, each task is perfected and repeated in every website created. As the web development process is complicated and varies with each type of website, designers sometimes have multiple workflows for different types of websites (such as eCommerce Vs a blog).


Web Design Process

Most websites will go through the following process of web design:

  1. Planning – A website can’t start until there are a good plan and understanding of both the client’s requirements and wants. Everything should be set out in agreements and a detailed plan created that includes everything from image usage, to SEO development.
  2. Design – The detailed plan supports the design phase, as, without a good plan, the design would be pure guesswork. An initial draft or sketch of the website will first be created, often in an editable Photoshop form. These drafts and ideas are sent to the client for approval. Revisions are then made until everyone is happy to proceed. In some cases, such as with WordPress and professional themes, some test websites may be developed for the client to review.
  3. Development – Once the design is approved, the real development can begin. Depending on the supporting systems that were chosen, a real working version of the website is started. This phase will also include creating content, getting images, styling, coding, and testing.
  4. Publish – During the initial stages of developments, websites are often kept in a “private state” to avoid search engines indexing them and to prevent visitors from finding them before they are ready. Before a website is published, it will be put through a checking and testing cycle, to ensure everything is good. The website will then be made live to the public (and if needed, uploaded to its own server/hosting). This will make it available to visitors and search engines. As soon as this is done, it is vital that the website is tested again fully and in all major browsers.
  5. Follow-up or ongoing support – We want every customer to be happy, and so we always allow some time for full public testing of the websites we create, following-up with tweaks and adjustments wherever needed. We even provide a fully managed service that allows owners to have a worry-free website.


The following workflow allows for the careful and quality development of each website. However, we also have our own ‘special sauce’ to make websites better than the average developer produces.

Our in house processes and expertise take your website to another level of aesthetics and usability.


How Long Does it take to Design a Website?

This is not a straightforward question or answer, as each website project has its own requirements and complexities. However, on average a website of 5-15 pages will normally take 3-6 weeks.


Things that can affect the amount of time required are custom designs, custom graphics, SEO, eCommerce setups, etc. Basically, simpler websites take far less time to complete the process.


Outsource your project development

By hiring us for your Thailand design project, you can be assured that the outcome will be:

  • Mobile device friendlyextreme web design thailand
  • Easy to use
  • E-commerce friendly
  • Creative
  • Attractive
  • Fast and responsive

It’s our aim to deliver services that impress everyone who sees them, not only our clients. The websites and apps that we create are our portfolios, and so we only deliver the best we can.

Of course, if you want us to keep your project confidential even after it is finished, we can do that too and will still create the best possible solution for you.

Once you’re online, we can even help you with promotion and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to make sure that visitors find your new creation and to help turn it into a successful business.

Grab your free quotation today and let us show you exactly what we can deliver. Contact us